Print Procurement: The Lesser Known Facet of Marketing Automation

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Marketers are taking another look at direct marketing, and focusing on print automation and cost reduction as key drivers of profitability.

As the economy shows signs of shifting in a more positive direction, many companies are revisiting direct marketing programs that were profitable years ago, but were cut during the height of the recession to reduce marketing budgets.  Contrary to the boom years, most marketers are cost cautious these days when setting up programs.  We are willing to try new things, or revisit the old, but not in the same way as the past.

As marketing practitioners, our fresh focus on marketing operations, marketing procurement and the marketing supply chain, have made us better business people and I contend, more successful marketers from an ROI perspective.

Print Automation is Less Sexy Than Email Automation, But Far Richer in Opportunity for Cost Reduction

Print automation is a fairly new term in the industry and a clear success story for early adopters.  Some would label print automation simply as traditional print and direct mail, but with cost saving enhancements related to how print can be procured and deployed.  Marketing automation, a much more widely used and accepted term, is related, but most often focuses only on email automation and never sees the full deployment and integration of print into the marketing automation mix.  Although this article focuses solely on educating business leaders on print automation, full marketing automation that incorporates all channels, is the ultimate aspiration.

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Want to learn what the print automation buzz is about?  Watch this video to see how you can implement a print automation strategy in your company.  It includes three real-life stories to help you determine if your print and direct mail is poised for a move to automation:

Video: Advanced Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing, the process of personalizing print communications using database information, has progressed rapidly during the last ten years, opening up exciting opportunities to improve marketing relevance and response. However, many organizations, direct marketers and printers have not progressed past basic Variable Data Printing (VDP).

In this video, you’ll learn about exciting capabilities of advanced VDP and see how three organizations have improved their communications and direct marketing by pushing the limits of VDP personalization and efficiency.

Viewing on your mobile device? Click here to watch Advanced Variable Data Printing on YouTube.

Download case studies mentioned in this video:


Ferrellgas uses Variable Data Printing to customize the messages, pricing and imagery of their direct mail for their local distributors. With VDP, they’ve improved the response rates for their distributed marketing, while reducing production time from 10 days to 24 hours. Download Ferrellgas Case Study

American College of Emergency Physicians

The American College of Emergency Physicians implemented Mail Print’s VDP and print automation systems together to automatically send personalized welcome guides and communications to their 28,000 members. Mail Print’s system has reduced their production time from ten days to two, created $40,000 in immediate savings, and provides flawless execution of their variable elements. Download ACEP Case Study

Video: Inside View of Mail Print’s Marketing Portal

We get a lot of questions about our Marketing Communications Portal, and have found that visuals are worth much more than a thousand words when explaining its benefits and features. Have two and a half minutes? Check out the video below that gives an inside view of how marketers, salespeople, business owners and administrators use the portal to access, manage and deploy company-branded materials.

If you’re joining us from a mobile device, you can watch the YouTube version here. Oh, and if you’d prefer the thousand words instead of the visual, you can get the video transcript here.

Video: Multi-Channel Marketing Automation

Staying in contact with your prospects and customers is key for building and maintaining revenue. However, it can also be an ongoing challenge and resource-draw for your sales and marketing teams. Check out the video below (or here) to learn how businesses are using Mail Print’s multi-channel marketing automation system to transform their lead nurturing and customer retention into automated, repeatable processes.

Marketing Communications Portal Overview

Automated marketing campaigns. Flexible customization options. API integrations. It turns out that conveying the benefits and features of a marketing communications portal is difficult without some visuals. So, we created a video about our solution for marketing campaign management, digital asset management, local store marketing and printing management. Critiques welcome….