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Marketing Asset Management: How to Get Best in Class Performance

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Ready to move your marketing and sales operations to the front of the class? Check out Aberdeen's report on how Best-in-Class companies are dramatically improving ROI with Marketing Asset Management.

So if you could improve your ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment) by 32%, would you do it? The Aberdeen Group has recently published a research study Marketing Asset Management: Managing Brand Compliance in Distributed Marketing Environments that highlights this significant increase in ROMI by Best in Class Companies using Marketing Asset Management.

The key summary points from the report for becoming a high-performing distributed marketing organization include:

1) When creating a marketing asset management system, build it for both sales and marketing to use.

2) Use a combination of marketing asset management and marketing automation. In other words, build the marketing asset library to actually deploy or produce what your sales and marketing teams need.

I’d like to add another:

3) User adoption will make or break your long-term success and ROMI.

The keys to developing great user adoption are usability of the system and training tools. And don’t give up after the initial push at the launch of the marketing asset management tool. All good systems for distributed marketing organizations are multi-faceted and require reinforcement and training.

If you’d like to learn more about the impact Marketing Asset Management can have on your organization, you can download the Aberdeen report here.

As an underwriter of the report, we’re pleased to be able to give you free access!

B2B Lead Generation: Six “Ah-Ha’s” to Get to the Most “Cha Ching”

Lead Generation "Aha" Moments

Mulling over your B2B lead generation process? Here are six "Ah-ha" moments to consider as you continue to improve your lead gen techniques.

Off. On. Off. On. If only lead generation were a faucet under my control. I am certainly seeing more need in our business and in our clients’ businesses for more leads, but only at specific times. Like most Business-to-Business (B2B) marketers today, my budget is still tight, but loosening up a bit, and I am always focused on the “Cha Ching,” or the ability of lead sources to produce profitable business.

This has made me rethink Mail Print’s lead generation process and I thought I would share my “Ah-ha” moments from the past several weeks:

1) Fake Leads Love Online Forms

Landing page forms only work if people give you real information. It’s really hard to communicate with someone named “No Name” at And, there’s no quicker way to turn off your sales team than to funnel them bogus leads. Make sure you have an automated or human filter in place to weed out invalid leads before they make it into your pipeline.

2) Always. Be. Testing.

Lead generation tactics can become ineffective quickly. Always think in terms of what worked before, what is working now, and how many tests need to be in progress to be able to generate leads in the future.

3) Generating A Lead Is Just The First Step

It’s about so much more than just generating leads. Lead generation, lead scoring, lead nurturing and the all important “close” are really one big progression. One break in the process and good leads fall through the cracks and your ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment) declines.

4) Install A Lead Flow Lever

Having the right amount of lead flow is very important to adequately utilize inside sales teams. Unfortunately the amount of leads needed is constantly changing. There must be many levers to push and pull to keep everyone productive.

5) Email Lead Generation Is So 2004

Email marketing is a fantastic lead nurturing tool, but it is worthless today as a lead generation tool. Need proof? Just try to remember the last time you used your spam folder as a shopping cart.

6) Get Access To Decision Makers With Lumpy Mail Pieces

Packages or lumpy direct mail get past the gatekeeper. Sounds expensive, right? Yes, and that’s why it works. The administrative assistant can’t throw it away, so it ends up on the boss’ desk. For example, a new “heavy” prospecting tool that we created for Mail Print has already returned $10 for every $1 invested and we’ve only sent out 10% of what we have already paid for. Cha ching!

If you would like to see a sample of our “sneak it past the gatekeeper” direct mail piece, email me at rhondab[at]mailprint[dot]com. I’d be happy to share our latest innovation in variable data printing that seems to be confusing the heck out of gatekeepers and connecting us to senior and executive level management.

B2B lead generation is a work in process, literally. Working on both the tactics and the overall process is vital to finding the Cha Ching.

Video: Multi-Channel Marketing Automation

Staying in contact with your prospects and customers is key for building and maintaining revenue. However, it can also be an ongoing challenge and resource-draw for your sales and marketing teams. Check out the video below (or here) to learn how businesses are using Mail Print’s multi-channel marketing automation system to transform their lead nurturing and customer retention into automated, repeatable processes.