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One-to-One Marketing Campaign Tips for 2011

80614564 250x376 One to One Marketing Campaign Tips for 2011

You have to be on your toes to develop better cross-channel campaigns.

The combination of using variable data direct mail, email and PURLs (personalized URLs) together can be an overwhelming proposition.  But, with many statistics to support the financial results of one-to-one cross-channel campaigns, it’s impossible to ignore the need to use them in the New Year.

In an article from XMPie entitled “Five Things to Keep in Mind When Developing and Implementing 1:1 Cross-Media Campaigns” they highlight the key points to a successful campaign.  The points are a beneficial reminder for any direct marketer, but are especially fruitful for personalized multi-channel programs.

You can read XMPie’s full article here, or here is my condensed version.  (Very condensed for those of us with incredibly busy schedules this time of year.)

  1. Know your goals and objectives.

    Write it down. Plan it out.

  2. Communicate with all personnel and departments involved.

    Executing a multi-channel campaign requires input and action by many different departments and partners. Be sure to involve them early and keep them in the loop throughout.

  3. Spend time on the quality of the data.

    It is extremely important that your personalization is accurate and appealing.

  4. Keep it simple.

    When incorporating personalization in a marketing campaign, it’s easy to over-focus on the “uniqueness” or “coolness” of your marketing pieces. Make sure your pieces clearly convey to the reader what action you want them to take.

  5. Don’t forget to track results!

    Measure the results of each channel separately and also together.

Have other tips to add to the list? Please add them in the comments.

Intro to Auto-Triggers for Sales and Marketing

Businessman with dominoes

Auto-triggers allow marketing and sales to turn routine, manual touch points into automated, highly-effective communications.

From a simple email auto-responder that thanks web visitors for downloading a whitepaper, to a multi-touch, multi-channel campaign initiated by a customer behavior, organizations are discovering the benefits of auto-triggered marketing and sales communications. Here’s why:

Auto-Triggered Communications…

  1. Increase the efficiency of your Sales team
    Automatic responses and follow-up messages can replace many routine sales communications, freeing up your Sales reps for higher-leverage communications.
  2. Make your marketing more effective
    Auto-trigger technology allows marketers to target prospects and customers that are already in motion, moving them further through the sales funnel with relevant, perfectly timed communications.
  3. Provide your prospects and customers with more timely and relevant information
    Put yourself on the other side of the equation; would you rather receive a generic, mass-delivered communication, or one that matches your recent behaviors (such as a purchase, lapsed membership, or request for info) with a timely, relevant response or offer?

Which Communications Should You Automate?

So you’re ready to institute auto-triggered communications into your sales and marketing processes. But which of your existing manual touch points should be replaced, what additional automated communications do you need, what mediums should be used, and how quickly should each response follow the action?

A good place to start is by asking yourself these questions:

  • What self-created standard responses are your sales reps already using (by copying and pasting from a document on their desktop)?
  • What behaviors indicate a lead is ready for immediate attention?
  • What behaviors indicate a current customer is unhappy?
  • When does up-selling make sense in your sales process?
  • What information do your prospects need to see or hear to make an informed buying decision, and when do they need to receive it?
  • What can be done to turn current customers into advocates?
  • When your website or email campaigns generate a lead, does anyone follow up, and if so, how quickly?
  • For each of your automatic communications, which medium will be the most effective for direct communication?
  • What action should be taken with prospects or customers who:
    • Report and email hard bounces?
    • Unsubscribe to your email list?
    • Never open email?
    • Never respond to direct mail?
  • Which of your current marketing touches would be more effective if they were sent in response to a customer behavior?
  • Which of your common sales follow-up communications would be more effective if they were delivered more quickly?

If you want more information about automating your sales or marketing communications, add a comment to this post, or give Mail Print a call at 800.660.0108.

Top 10 Direct Marketing Posts of 2010

As 2010 comes to a close, it’s time to take another look at the ten most popular and important posts on during this past year. And the drum roll please…

200321305 001 e1291054823609 Top 10 Direct Marketing Posts of 2010Is Your Direct Marketing Positively Impacting Your Customer Life Cycle?

Our overall #1 most viewed article focuses on helping readers define the customer life cycle of their organization, and how they can align their direct marketing strategy to their customer lifecycle for maximum results.

Key Quote: “While everyone knows that it costs 6-10 times more to acquire a new customer than to maintain a loyal customer, most direct marketing is heavily weighted toward lead generation…”

87715495 e1291055767502 Top 10 Direct Marketing Posts of 2010Is Social Media Marketing Poaching Direct Marketing Results?

Research shows that while marketers are shifting budget to social media marketing, many “are not convinced of the value or ROI” of social media. This article examines the situation, and presents a four-step plan to implementing social media without sacrificing results.

Key Quote: “So even though marketers believe that direct marketing and other traditional tactics are more effective, they’re willing to divert budget to social media. Is this a rational decision to test new marketing tactics, or are marketers just succumbing to peer pressure and a search for ‘the next big thing?’”

104796934 e1291056930423 Top 10 Direct Marketing Posts of 2010Guide to QR Codes for Direct Marketers

QR Codes and other 2-Dimensional barcodes have already swept Asia and Europe, and are showing up increasingly in the U.S. on billboards, packaging, TV commercials and much more. This article documents what QR Codes are, how they are used in direct marketing, and how you can implement them in your next campaign.

Key Quote: “QR codes represent a lifeline for direct marketers looking to connect with an increasingly mobile, online audience.”

71017150 e1291057968136 Top 10 Direct Marketing Posts of 2010Direct Mail: Destroying the Environment or Improving the Economy?

Targeted direct mail marketing plays a key role in improving our economy. This article explores the environmental effects of direct mail, and how organizations can improve their direct mail campaigns, while improving their environmental-friendliness.

Key Quote: “There are countless ways to make sure your printing and mailing practices support the environment, rather than destroy it…”

92686358 e1291058771888 Top 10 Direct Marketing Posts of 2010Tracking Direct Marketing Results with Google Analytics Annotations

Direct marketing is proven for driving visitors to your website. This blog post guides you through a simple way to track the online effect of your direct marketing using a free tool from Google.

Key Quote: “While Google Analytics Annotations has many uses for marketers, IT, sales managers and others, it’s great for direct marketers who want to track how the direct mail campaigns, email blasts and other touches they send affect overall web traffic.”

95710620 e1291831419112 Top 10 Direct Marketing Posts of 2010Personalize Your Marketing The Google Way

This article explores three techniques Google is using to increase the satisfaction and loyalty of their users, and how direct marketers can do the same.

Key Quote: “Good news! You don’t need an 11-digit annual revenue to communicate with your prospects and customers with Google-like relevancy and personalization.”

77294174 e1291832564419 Top 10 Direct Marketing Posts of 2010Personalized Marketing: Beyond the Name Game

With CRM systems, online data sources, and behavior tracking tools, marketers have more data than ever they can use to create relevant, highly-targeted communications. This highly-visual post explores some real-life uses and best practices.

Key Quote: “Many people have a hard time making the connection between “using data” and how that translates into variable direct marketing, so let’s look at some examples…”

78463749 e1291834012959 Top 10 Direct Marketing Posts of 2010Email: Direct Mail’s New BFF

For many direct mail practitioners, the rise of email as a marketing tool has caused much concern and frustration. However, this post looks at four new ways direct marketers are using the two channels together for better results.

Key Quote: “Mail has not died. It just has a new BFF… email.”

1043634071 e1291842972772 Top 10 Direct Marketing Posts of 2010A Creative’s Guide to Personalized Database Marketing

Everyone knows that making your marketing relevant to each recipient will improve your results and ROI, but many marketers and designers struggle with incorporating their data and creative. Here are five tips on getting started.

Key Quote: “As you can tell, there’s a reason personalized marketing isn’t used by all of your competitors: it’s hard. But, it’s a lot easier once you’ve done it a few times.”

78023478 e1291843409218 Top 10 Direct Marketing Posts of 2010Revealing the Direct Marketing Secrets to Double-Digit Response Rates

While many direct marketers are thrilled by a 2% response rate, casinos consistently return response rates in the 10%-30% range. This post explores six secrets to their success.

Key Quote: “Whether you love the gaming industry or hate it, you have to admire some of the forward-thinking ways they employ direct marketing.”

Got a favorite direct marketing post from another blog? Please share it below in the comments.