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Ten Ways to Decrease Direct Mail Spending

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There are many ways to decrease your direct mail spending... here are just ten.

Develop. Implement. Learn. Repeat… At Mail Print, everyday we learn from and refine our marketing processes.  Back in October 2010, we posted a blog entitled “9 Ways to Decrease Direct Mail Spending While Improving Results.”  Now, we have increased that list to 10 ways.

Here are 10 ways to improve both sides of the ROI equation with your direct mail campaigns:

  1. Clear out the Non-Responsive: Determine what deems someone non-responsive, and stop mailing when it is clear they are not going to respond.
  2. Segment Your Lists: Segment and target audiences on macro and micro levels.  You don’t have to mail to everyone to be highly impactful.
  3. Personalize Your Message: Speak to specific audiences on a micro level. The more relevant your communications, the sooner you’ll see results or be able to deem recipients non-responsive.
  4. Test, Test, Test: Test the effectiveness of your message, offer and list on a smaller audience before deploying on a large scale. For example, direct marketers often send new messaging, creative or offers to 10% of their list first, measuring the results against the control or other versions of the marketing piece.  Once a winner has been determined, the most effective version is sent to the entire audience.
  5. Automate: Print Automation and Marketing Automation technology allows you to increase your speed to market and decrease the cost spent to deploy each campaign.  Auto-triggered campaigns can also be used to respond to prospect and customer actions with timely, relevant mail touches.  
  6. Clean Your Data: Conduct a thorough data-cleansing of your house and purchased lists to eliminate duplicate, outdated or incomplete data.  You’ll mail less, more accurately and improve your ROI.
  7. Use Your Returns: Do something with returned mail.  This seems simplistic, but the tendency is to ignore returned mail and not update the database. Create a process so this is always done.
  8. Go Multi-Channel: Incorporate non-paper-based mediums such as email, text messaging, and online landing pages with your direct mail campaigns to increase engagement and reduce cost-per-touch.  
  9. Pair Email and Mail: Utilize direct mail to keep email as a main communication method by mailing only to bounces, unsubscribes and consistent non-openers with the goal of determining why they are not engage via email. (Email: BFF blog
  10. Honor Your Audience’s Preference: Eliminate people from your list who do not wish to receive mail by utilizing the DMA’s Mail Preference Service.  Learn more at

Building a Plan for Reducing Your Direct Mail Costs

One of the biggest challenges to achieving the ten points above is not having a plan.  Without a plan, marketers shoot from the hip and hope they get it right.  And while that works occasionally, if you want something that controls cost and works consistently, start with a plan.

Mail Print Receives 2011 Small Business Spirit of Philanthropy Award

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"It has been our belief that you simply give because it is the right thing to do,” Gina Danner, CEO.

Known for its great printing and direct mail services and its quiet giving to worth causes, Mail Print has been recognized by the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Mid America Chapter and is receiving the 2011 Small Business Spirit of Philanthropy Award.

“It is a little odd being recognized in this manner.  It has been our belief that you simply give because it is the right thing to do.” Gina Danner, CEO of Mail Print goes on, “We are so honored that our team is being recognized for this award.  Eric (Gina’s brother and business partner) and I learned to give by following the lead of our parents and grandparents and are excited that we can continue that tradition as we lead Mail Print.”

Mail Print received nominations for this award from a number of organizations and employees including: Bishop Sullivan Center, Christmas in October, Grafton, Inc., Harvesters, the Koehler Bortnick Team, Operation Breakthrough, St. Therese Church, and Thinking Bigger Business Media.

According to Jennifer Heinneman of Operation Breakthrough, “As a charity it is wonderful to be a beneficiary of Mail Print.  They treat us like we are their best customer, yet we never see an invoice. AND, their kindness doesn’t stop with simply printing and mailing.  The entire team volunteers, makes cash donations, and always provides support wherever possible.”

“I love working at Mail Print, specifically how the culture of giving permeates our culture,” shares Shenna Coleman an account executive with Mail Print.  “When I learned of the award I wanted to make sure the AFP understood what Mail Print is really about and I am so excited that we are being recognized.”